Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The 2008 Big 12 All-Conference teams - with a twist only the Big 12 could produce

The 2008 All-Big 12 Football Awards have been announced.

And boy, are they interesting. In a conference where we really can't decide a division winner, we can't decide a single Coach of the Year either. Somehow, Bob Stoops and Mike Leach split the award and Mack Brown was no where to be found.

But other than the offense somehow having 14 players on the first team (no wonder nobody could stop these offenses!), one thing hit me in the face like a sock filled with pennies. Oklahoma's Jon Cooper was awarded Offensive Lineman of the Year. Good for him. But the curious thing is, he wasn't even on the first team - and there were six offensive lineman on the first team. So Jon Cooper wins top O-Lineman but is on the second team? Someone explain that to me. Seriously, explain that.


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